Everyone has the right to safe, healthy, secure housing.

The Resilient Building Council’s mission is a resilience revolution - where better housing for all contributes to thriving, sustainable communities.



Climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of extreme weather and disasters, and the impacts are unsustainable.

Increased resilience protects lives, homes and communities and is a smart investment for a sustainable future.

Protecting lives

A home to return to

Sustainable communities

Stronger economies

Health & wellbeing

An insurable future

Protecting property value

Homes built to last

Reducing emissions

Saving costs


We are the first to measure the resilience of buildings and provide practical, tailored adaptation solutions to maximise resilience outcomes.

We bring experts, industry, communities, governments and investors together to achieve our common goal of adapting homes for climate and disaster resilience.


We need better homes that are built to last and able to withstand floods, bushfires, storms, heatwaves and cyclones - with little to no disruption to our daily lives. We bring the technical experts together to create better buildings. We are providing free resources so that strong, healthy housing is accessible for all.


Measuring resilience allows all of us to make the most effective and efficient decisions for improving buildings. Supported by governments, industry and communities, we are creating a trusted platform and market mechanism for incentivising and rewarding resilience through our Resilience Ratings.


The Resilient Building Council is an independent expert collaboration of Australia’s leading resilience and sustainability experts, translating science into practical actions that measurably increase the resilience and sustainability of buildings and communities.

Our experts are practicing engineers, research scientists, architects, builders, community engagement facilitators, human-centred design specialists, risk managers, sustainable finance experts and community leaders.

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90% of Australian homes are not climate adapted. We are currently spending around 97% on disaster response and recovery and just 3% on resilience. We need to flip that around and kick-start a resilience revolution. We can change this, together. There’s no time to waste.

CEO and Founder, Resilient Building Council

Kate Cotter

Bushfire Resilience Rating Home Assessment App Launching April 2023 Bushfire Resilience Rating Home Assessment App Launching April 2023

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