The Resilient Building Council works with communities to co-design resilient community building projects, retrofit existing buildings and provide resilience education programs.

Creating Sustainable, Thriving Communities

Our team of experts deliver resilient construction and retrofitting community education programs, for community buildings, community refuges and neighbourhood safer places.

Increased resilience protects lives, homes and communities and is a smart investment in a sustainable future.

Making Resilience Accessible

The FORTIS project provides free designs, specifications, handbooks and best-practice principles for resilient, sustainable housing. We work with approved prefab suppliers to deliver resilient, sustainable temporary and permanent housing solutions.

We measure and certify the resilience of buildings and communities through our Resilience Ratings program which is funded by the Australian government, backed by industry and available for free.

Resilient Community Buildings

Recovery Housing Solutions

Community Education Workshops

The tragedy that unfolded in Shoalhaven City during the 2019-2020 bushfires, and following that, extreme floods, is something that we had never experienced before. Only a commitment to do things differently from all levels of government, industry and the community, will help us change how future catastrophes will impact us. This Resilience Rating is the first step in changing the story for our communities, making them resilient, adapted and ready to face an uncertain future climate.

Mayor Amanda Findley
Shoalhaven City Council