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Multimedia Consent Form


I consent to the Resilient Building Council (RBC) or any person acting on their behalf to interview me, make transcripts of the interviews and/or film, take photographs, pictorial and/or audio recordings of me in any medium on:

I agree that RBC can use, reproduce, publish, communicate or broadcast the material in any form - including in a website, digital or printed publication, presentation, advertising material, social media content - for informational or promotional purposes.

I acknowledge that RBC owns copyright in the material.

I may request removal of the material from marketing materials and/or request no future use be made of the material by contacting the RBC at

I agree that the following information about me can be included with the material and may also be disclosed to RBC funders and partners, for the purposes outlined in this consent form. I agree that the information collected about me may be transferred outside of Australia where the RBC funders and partners are located outside of Australia.