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The Resilient Building Council is a national, not-for-profit organisation funded via federal and state government grants, industry sponsorship and project consulting.

Our expert team provide unparalleled multi-disciplinary technical capability to solve complex problems at the international, national, state, community and household levels. We partner with all organisations who share our values and seek people-centred, equitable, sustainable, resilient systems impact.

Contact us to discuss how your organisation can join the Resilience Revolution, to help adapt Australian communities to be climate ready.

Source: World Bank

Every $1 invested in disaster resilience can save up to $15 in recovery costs.

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Together, we’ll build stronger, thriving communities.

Our mission is to reduce the loss and suffering of communities by providing practical, tailored, actionable education to households to reduce the impacts of severe weather effects on homes. Many residents are facing multiple hazards and conflicting information, so we’re reconciling these issues to provide clarity for communities, industry and governments.

Patrick Driscoll
Director, JCU Cyclone Testing Station