The Resilient Building Council brings together Australia’s leading independent experts to measurably increase community resilience to extreme weather and disasters. We work together to apply science into accessible, practical, transformational systems and tools.

We are leading a systems approach to adapting the built environment, co-ordinated across sectors and united by a shared vision. Our partnerships with communities, industry, research institutions and all levels of government are fundamental to achieve our common goal of an equitable, adapted, thriving nation.

In 2014, the Bushfire Building Council of Australia was established by founder and CEO Kate Cotter, to translate research into tangible action to reduce climate and disaster risk for households, communities, governments and industry, focusing on bushfire resilience.

Since then, we have evolved to address all hazards and energy efficiency, delivering national systems to rapidly increase resilience of the built environment.

Our new name – Resilient Building Council – better reflects our role as leading climate and disaster resilience experts addressing all types of extreme weather, disasters and energy efficiency.

Our Values

Guiding principles demonstrated by everything that we do, by our group of committed independent experts applying science to measurably improve community resilience.


We believe that developing innovative new systems and tools fit-for-purpose in a changing climate, supports the urgent need for rapid adaptation.


We believe in maximising resilience impact by establishing strong partnerships with communities, governments and industry.


We believe that creating self-defending, self-sufficient buildings will break the disaster cycle and stimulate investment for equitable resilience.


We believe in delivering place-based programs co-designed with households and communities that can be rapidly scaled to benefit all Australians.


We believe that rapidly scaled disaster risk reduction action can only be achieved through practical, accessible resilience information and tools.


We believe in providing independent, scientific, trustworthy information through expert collaboration and consensus.

Our Experts

Our expert team provides unparalleled multi-disciplinary technical capability to solve complex problems at the international, national, state, community and household levels.

Our Supporters

We partner with all organisations who share our values and mission to help rapidly adapt Australian communities to be climate ready.