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Increased resilience protects lives, homes and communities and is a smart investment in a sustainable future. A $1 investment in adaptation and risk reduction saves between $2 and $11 in post-disaster recovery and reconstruction (CSIRO, 2021). 90% of Australian homes are not climate adapted. We are currently spending around 97% on disaster response and recovery and just 3% on resilience.

It’s time for urgent, rapid change.

Join the 97-3 campaign to declare your support of increased resilience investment.

World-first digital tools that help people understand their risk and vulnerability, providing customised actions that measurably improve property and community resilience to extreme weather and disasters. Our tools bring resilience and sustainability together so that we can adapt buildings to reduce both the cause and impacts of climate change.

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The Resilient Building Council creates new systems to support effective and efficient adaptation action. Our 97-3 campaign advocates for an increase in resilience investment from 3% of disaster funding to 50% by 2025. Every dollar spent to reduce vulnerability before a disaster can save up to $11 in response and recovery costs. All governments, industries, agencies and communities can join the campaign to break the disaster cycle.