We are developing a world-first Resilience Rating system that measures the resilience of property and provides tailored adaptation actions.

The Resilience Rating system measures the disaster resilience and energy efficiency of buildings. It will provide an independent global standard to measure, rate and reward resilience.

The Resilience Rating will make it easier to adapt homes to our changing climate, by providing a single home assessment, integrated recommendations and ratings certification capability for bushfire, storm, flood, cyclone, heatwave, thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

The system works by assessing site-specific risk and measuring a home’s vulnerability. It will provide households with a list of evidence-based, tailored actions to adapt their home, improve their resilience rating and enable financial incentives.

The Disaster and Energy Efficiency Resilience Ratings are in development and will be launched in 2024.

Bushfire Resilience Rating Home Assessment App Launching Soon

Bushfire Resilience Rating
Home Assessment App

Our Bushfire Resilience Rating applies decades of research to provide tailored actions to increase the bushfire resilience of any building – old or new.

The Bushfire Resilience Rating is calculated using our novel Bushfire House Loss Probability Model (developed in 2018), data from the National Bushfire Intelligence Capability (NBIC), and historical house loss data. This is the first scientific model to calculate bushfire building performance.

The free Bushfire Resilience Rating Home Assessment app will empower people to make informed decisions about their bushfire risk and put practical, evidence-based tools for improving bushfire safety in their hands.

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Developed by Australia’s leading bushfire experts and supported by the Australian federal government, IAG, NAB and BlueScope Steel, the Bushfire Resilience Rating system takes a best-practice and holistic approach to bushfire resilience that covers building, landscaping and ongoing maintenance.

The free Bushfire Resilience Rating Home Assessment App will empower everyday Australians with the risk information they need to make their homes more resilient to bushfire.

The Resilience Rating system also has the potential to give insurers, banks and investors a framework for financing and rewarding bushfire resilience adaptations.