The Resilient Building Council applies science into clearly communicated actions that measurably increase household and community resilience.

Our projects include Resilience Ratings for buildings, flexible house designs, specifications and best-practice principles, prefabricated resilient, sustainable homes, resilience and energy efficiency retrofit programs and we contribute independent expertise to policy, inquiries and building standards.

The success of the Resilience Revolution requires a collaborative approach – working with households, communities, industry and governments to tackle one of the most significant challenges and opportunities of our time – adapting our homes and communities to thrive in a changing climate.

We deliver place-based programs co-designed with households and communities that can be rapidly scaled to benefit all Australians.

We believe that the right to strong, safe, secure housing is a fundamental human right. That’s why we are providing free resources so that resilient housing is accessible to everyone.

Our Projects:

FORTIS New Builds

Free architectural drawings and specifications to fast-track the construction of a disaster resilient and sustainable home, adaptable to any site and environment.

Resilience Ratings

Delivering a world-first, independent global standard to measure the disaster resilience of buildings and enable financial benefits.

The design and retrofit of buildings will play a key role in how we address the twin challenges of rapid decarbonisation and the fostering of improved disaster resilience. The transformation of our built environment into sustainable, resilient places to live and work is our central focus at the SBRC, and the RBC projects will enable households to take effective action at home.

Dr Alan Green
Research Fellow, University of Wollongong Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (UOW SBRC)