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Assessor Program

The Disaster Resilience and Energy Efficiency Ratings assessor program will create a single professional house assessment and integrated recommendations and ratings certification capability for bushfire, storm, flood, cyclone, heatwave, thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

Launching in early 2024, the BBCA program brings together leading disaster resilience and sustainability experts to deliver:

A rating system for assessing disaster resilience, energy efficiency and thermal comfort of new and existing houses.

A professional assessment and rating certification program

including new building assessment software, assessor recruitment, training and accreditation.

Practical information to empower NSW households to improve the disaster resilience and energy efficiency of their houses,

through customised retrofit actions specific to individual properties and local risks.

Engagement with industry and government to develop incentives for households to adapt their homes,

recognising that reducing disaster risk and energy use generates significant social and economic value.

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