Certify my Rating

The Bushfire Resilience Rating Home Assessment provides you with a tailored list of actions to measurably improve the bushfire resilience of your home.

The Rating measures how well a home would perform in a bushfire event and is calculated using a combination of the local environmental risk and the bushfire resistance of your home, using answers provided in the self-assessment app.

Ahead of the national release of the Bushfire Resilience Rating home assessment app, we are seeking interest from households around Australia who would like to complete a self-assessment and receive support from our project team to certify their Rating and access benefits.

Step 1

Complete the Bushfire Resilience Rating Home Assessment app.

Take photos of your home, ensuring you capture a photo of each side of the house, surrounding vegetation, attached structures like decks and carports, every window and door, services and building penetrations, other buildings within 10 metres of the home and items stored around the home.

You will need a professional roof inspection to confirm the condition of your roof. We will provide you with information about this process.

Step 2

Complete the form below and upload the photos of your home.

You can provide feedback about your experience using the app, and information such as construction methods, additional life safety measures or resilience upgrades that you have completed.

Step 3

Our assessors will review your home assessment results, photos and roof inspection report, to validate your results. We may require a video call to check some elements more closely.

Step 4

Once you receive your certificate, you may choose to share your certified Rating with your insurer or bank to obtain discounts. We will provide guidance on how to do this.

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 100 files.
Attach photos of your home, and any relevant documents relating to resilient items or materials installed in your home.

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