The Resilient Building Council is an independent coalition of Australia’s leading resilience and sustainability experts for the built environment. We work with households, communities, industry and governments to tackle one of the most significant challenges and opportunities of our time – adapting our homes and communities to thrive in a changing climate.

Our Mission

How We’re Doing It

Smart & Practical Free Tools

World-first digital tools that help people understand their risk and vulnerability, and provide customised actions that measurably improve property and community resilience to extreme weather and disasters. Our tools bring resilience and sustainability together, so that we can adapt buildings to reduce both the cause and impacts of climate change.

Driving Action

We need better homes that are built to last and able to withstand floods, bushfires, storms, heatwaves and cyclones – with little to no disruption to our daily lives. We bring the technical experts together to create better buildings. Everyone has the right to strong, healthy housing, which is why we are providing free resources so that resilient housing is accessible to all.

Measuring Resilience

Measuring resilience allows all of us to make the most effective and efficient decisions for improving buildings. Supported by governments, industry and communities, we are creating a trusted platform and market mechanism for incentivising and rewarding resilience.

Better Together

The Bushfire Building Council of Australia has expanded its expert team to address all natural hazards and sustainability. We are now called the Resilient Building Council – an independent, scientific collaboration. We believe that to protect what matters most, we must work together to empower and support household and community resilience and sustainability. Our projects are locally-led initiatives with national impact. Our expert, community, industry and government partnerships demonstrate the power of working together to solve complex problems.

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90% of Australian homes are not climate adapted. We are currently spending around 97% on disaster response and recovery and just 3% on resilience. We need to flip that around and kick-start a resilience revolution. We can change this, together. There’s no time to waste.

Kate Cotter
CEO and Founder, Resilient Building Council